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Acknowledgements: Thank you to Jeremy Larkins, Jim Smithbauer, Brian Petersen, Joe Esposito, Glenn Reimer, Yann Saunders, Todd Fitzgerald, Miles Hagestad, Mark Cantrell, Jason Frey, Stephen Nadon, Allan Dowling, Kevin Charney, Ed Greenwald, Paul Sweeney, Francesc Lopez, Jason Edge, Bob Hayden, Andy McCarl B. McLeod, Koh Wada, Chris Brandwijk, Paul Rittiner, Kevan Budd, Ken Lucci, Keith Pierce and many others for some of the above information and photos. Note: If some of the information above is slightly different to what you may have read somewhere else, it's because different sources sometimes have differing versions. I have used what I believe to be the most reliable version.

Nearly every week I am contacted by someone who believes they may have a Cadillac that belonged to the King. Documents proving provenance of your car are pretty convincing, especially if the VIN etc match up. If you think you have a Cadillac that may have belonged to the King, but no proof yet, look for photos of Elvis with the car. As one of the most photographed men in the world during his lifetime, there should be photos somewhere. Contacting the GM Heritage Center to get a copy of the build sheet would the best way to start tracing your Cadillac's history, however it is NOT possible for the GM Heritage Center to determine the name of the original owner of your vehicle. Try the Department of Motor Vehicles for that information once you have found which state it went to.

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