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This picture was taken in 1969 of Elvis driving a Kashmir Ivory coloured 1968 Sedan de Ville through the gates of Graceland. Anyone know more about this one? Please contact me.

1971 Cadillac Sedan de Ville

This black Sedan de Ville was purchased new by Elvis on 7th July, 1971 for his Aunt Delta Mae Biggs who lived at Graceland. It was also used on many occasions by Elvis and his entourage. On 22nd September, 1974, the car was given by Elvis as a gift to the parents of his girlfriend, Linda Thompson. The car was kept by the Thompsons until 8th July, 1981, when it was purchased by Wolfgang, a German investor, and taken on a tour through Europe.

On August 25th, 1992 the car was sold by auction in London for 50 thousand pounds to millionaire Jack Jackson of Tampa, Florida. However, Mr Jackson died in a plane crash shortly after. The car was then sent to Palm Springs, California for auction and a business woman from Las Vegas, Nevada purchased it and kept it in her garage.

In 1997 the National Missing Childrens Locate Center Inc, Portland, Oregon heard it was for sale. Home Owners Long Distance then purchased the car and donated it to the NMCLC to raise funds. The raffle was launched on 8th January, 1997 and drawn one year later in Memphis on 8th January, 1998. The lucky new owner, Sandra H. Lango of Waterbury Ct sold it in 2003. The new owner tried unsuccessfully to sell it on eBay.

Click here for another picture of the car. Click here for a look at the back seat. Click here for a picture of Elvis with the car.

Click here to view a copy of the original certificate of title. Click here to view a copy of Margie Thompson's certificate of title.

Click here for a letter of certification by the Thompsons.

Click here for a picture from a London newspaper 1992. Click here for an article from a London newspaper 1992. Click here for another article from a London newspaper 1992.

1972 Cadillac Station Wagon

Elvis's Cadillac station wagon (VIN 6D49R2Q163176) is cream with a black vinyl top, leather interior and has a small gold plaque on the passenger side door engraved with "TCB." It was auctioned by Guernseys on October 7th-8th 1999 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas for $34,500. It has four regular doors and the fifth door on the back opens two different ways

The new owner, who wished to resell it for $50,000, had a letter from Jack Soden (President of Elvis Enterprises) saying this car has a more colourful story than most of the cars Elvis owned and gave away. Apparently Colonel Parker's widow laughed with Jack when she saw the car at the Guernsey auction as Elvis owned the car, but gave it as a gift to Colonel Parker. The car was in Las Vegas and Elvis would "borrow" the car for trips to Los Angeles. Colonel Parker got tired of tracking the car down, so he told Elvis to take the car back, and he did, back to Graceland where it was used for hauling friends and groceries. Incredibly, in June 2005 the owners at the time changed the sale price to $75,000, however in September 2005 the vehicle was listed on ebay and sold for $29,972. The proud new owner of this car is Ken Lucci of Belleair Beach, Florida, an avid Cadillac collector.

Some more info on the car from Ken: "This custom built Cadillac Estate Wagon was owned by Elvis Presley from 1972 until his death in 1977. After that it remained at Graceland until auctioned off with other Elvis memorabilia in 1995. I have the title signed by Jack Soden President of Elvis Enterprises, and a letter from them as well. The car is said to have been kept in Las Vegas at the home of Col. Tom Parker Elvis’s Manager, and then at the Las Vegas Hilton where Elvis played engagements from 1972 thru 1976. After his final engagement on December 12, 1976 the car was sent back to Graceland where it remained in use by the staff until well after the King’s death. The car actually started its life as a 1972 Cadillac Fleetwood sedan that was shipped from the factory in Detroit to the American Sunroof Company where it was converted in to an Estate Wagon. The top is dark brown vinyl not black and it has 73,000 miles on it. It has chrome spoke rims (not caps) with 24kt gold plated spokes. The car also has 24kt gold finish emblems. It is a very unique car. In 1972 ASC built two of these custom vehicles, one for Elvis and the other for singer Dean Martin. The whereabouts of Dean’s car is unknown."

Some pictures from Ken: 3/4 front, side on.

1973 Cadillac Sedan

The April, 1994 issue of Hemmings Motor News showed for sale: "Elvis Presley's 1973 Gold-Plated Cadillac: Loaded, 20,000 actual miles, absolutely pristine, completely authentic and fully documented, one of very few remaining in private hands. Includes concert belt, personal tour jacket, Sun records, plus many other rare pieces of Elvis memorabilia."

1974 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

This was one of Elvis's favourite cars, actually owned and driven by Elvis, and has done only 17,000 miles. It is triple white, with every option Elvis could get, including a moon roof and flying goddess. It was used in his funeral. The present owners, who bought it from Graceland in 1980 wish to sell it, and it comes complete with a lot of Elvis stuff. For further information, email Shirley.

This car was advertised on eBay in January 2000 with a reserve price of US$1.2m, and re-advertised again in February 2000 with a reserve of $750,000, later further reduced to $500,000. There were no bids.

Click here for another picture of the car.Click here for a picture of Elvis driving this car. Click here for a newspaper article about the car.

1976 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado Coupe

Costing $14,409, this was Elvis's last "Vacation Car," and was kept in Denver, Colorado. Elvis would fly into Denver and drive the car to Aspen or other resorts. It has been modified for Elvis with added grille fog lamps, gold covered wheel covers, the initials "TCB" (Taking Care of Business) on the doors, and a radio and TV in the back. After Elvis's death, the car was sold to a trio of Jackson, Tenn businessmen who insured it for $1 million and took it on a nationwide tour. In April 1988 it became part of the Imperial Palace car collection in Las Vegas.

Click here to see another picture of this car, and click here to see another (not so good) picture of this car.

In June 2001 this vehicle was auctioned by Kruse International on eBay Motors. Bidding went as high as $75,100 but did not meet the reserve price. Here is the text and photos from that online auction:

VIN # 6L47S6Q181197, Exterior Blue, Interior Blue Leather (original), Engine V8 (original), Automatic Transmission, Odometer Reading 11,460 Actual Miles, Gold Hubcaps, Radial Tires, AM/FM/8 Track, Factory Air Conditioning, Clock, Matching Numbers, Power Brakes, Power Locks, Power Seats, Power Steering, Power Windows, Seat Belts, Television, Rear Cup-holder, Sunroof, TV, Phone, CB.

This was the last vacation car owned by Elvis Presley and was used by the King on vacation in Denver and Vail! The TCB Taking Care of Business logo is on both sides of the car - Elvis' signature logo! This rare Elvis car has all documentation which goes with the car. Currently the vehicle is in a private museum.

There is an affidavit from the policemen who served as Elvis Presley's bodyguards during the vacation dated Oct. 24, 1979. This paper states that Elvis Presley bought this Eldorado on January 14, 1976, used the vehicle for vacation, then gave the vehicle to one of the policemen. Elvis personally selected the car - a copy of the check he wrote to the dealership goes with the car. Elvis extended his personal relationship with the bodyguards by flying them out to Memphis for a tour of his private quarters at Graceland.

Buy today - you can relive the Colorado vacation in the same vehicle once owned by the King of Rock-n-Roll. Pop on your shades and paint on your sideburns - get ready to outrun the paparazzi in one of the gems of the Kings crown! Elvis has been sighted…this could be you!

Car is individually owned and titled in Nevada.

Pictures: 3/4 front view, passenger front door and seat, front seats/dashboard, rear seats, trunk, wheel, engine, 3/4 rear view

In 2002 the car was on display during the Del Mar Fair in San Diego, CA and given away during a drawing for charity. Pictures of the car from that fair here and here.

1976 Cadillac Seville

One of the most documented automobiles that Elvis ever owned. This unique car includes the original signed registration in Elvis' name, and was offered for sale for $99,000 from Startifacts . This is possibly the same car that Elvis later gave to his dentist, Dr Hoffman (see next page).

1976 Cadillac Seville

Only 55,000 miles, crystal blue with special grill. VIN - 6S69R6Q492056. Alleged to be the last car purchased by Elvis before his death (documented with copy of check). Sold at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona January 20-24 1999 for $30,450 to a museum in Florida.

1976 Cadillac Fleetwood Talisman

This car, allegedly belonging to the King, is displayed at the Dutch National Car Museum in the Netherlands. Here is a rear view.

1977 Cadillac Sedan deVille

This is the second last car that Elvis owned. It is gold, with a white top, leather and fabric interior, and spoke wheels. This car went to auction in July 1998 in Ontario, Canada but did not sell. (The minimum bid was $75,000).

1977 Cadillac Seville

This two tone burgundy and silver car with white leather interior was the last car that Elvis owned. It is a 1977 model Cadillac Seville (manufactured in October 1976) and sold to Elvis in December 1976. Upon Elvis' untimely death in August 1977, this car was gifted (by Vernon Presley) to Ginger Alden, Elvis' fiance at the time..

It was sold at the Butterfield and Butterfield auction in Las Vegas (June 1994) for $101,500.

Offered on ebay Australia in November 2008, the car is currently owned by Australian entertainer Greg Page, formerly of the Wiggles. Page owns the fourth largest collection of Elvis memorabilia in the world. As well as this Cadillac, his collection includes Elvis' personal and movie clothing, marriage certificate, guitar, piano, and original TCB Band necklaces. In 2008 he decided to donate the collection, reportedly worth $1.5 million, to a new Elvis museum in Parkes, New South Wales, Australia.

Click here to see the ownership certificate.

Some pictures I took of the car at the museum in Parkes here, here and here.

The King's Final Car Journey

On 18th August 1977, after a private service inside Graceland, Elvis's body was placed in a gleaming white 1977 Miller-Meteor Landau Traditional Cadillac hearse. Then, a brilliantly shining silver Cadillac limousine led the procession, with the hearse followed by sixteen white Cadillac limousines carrying the mourners to the Memphis Cemetery.

Like me, you may have wondered what happened to this here for the results of my research.

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Click here to see this page featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, June 2000

Email me especially if you have pictures or information to add to this page.

Note: Every week I am contacted by someone who believes they may have a Cadillac that belonged to the King. Click here for some info on how to trace your Cadillac's history.

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