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"While I was driving a truck, every time a big shiny car drove by it started me sort of day-dreaming. I always felt that someday, somehow, something would happen to change everything for me. I would daydream about how it would be." - Elvis Presley

Welcome to the 2012 new and improved version of Elvis's Cadillacs
As at 24th March there are a few bugs, I'm working to fix it.
There are thousands of websites on the internet about Elvis and about Cadillacs, but only one about Elvis's Cadillacs. You've just found it! In the 1950's, few things symbolised success and the American dream more than a magnificent automobile. Elvis Presley's affinity for Cadillacs was real. He was not only the King of Rock 'n Roll, he was also the King of Cadillac buyers, purchasing at least a hundred during his life. Here is some information on a few of them.

First a short note: This website was made by myself, an Australian Cadillac and Elvis enthusiast, back in 1998 initially comprising bits and pieces of information from various books that I have on Elvis.  Since then I have been contacted by many persons with information, including some well known people that were close to the King. Naturally I have given their information greater credibility than those who said a friend of a friend told them something, and they don't have any documentary or other evidence to verify their claims.
A sincere thanks to all those who have contributed, your names are at the bottom of the relevant pages.  If you have any information or corrections or pictures to add, I will be happy to hear from you.

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1954 Cadillac

In early March 1955 Elvis had bought his first Cadillac. It was a pink and white 1954 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 Special Sedan (similar to the black one pictured) and provided transportation for Elvis and the Blue Moon Boys for about three months. The car went up in smoke when a brake lining caught fire, near Fulton on the road between Hope and Texarkana, Ark. on 5th June 1955. See picture here.

Rockabilly group Hamburger James were inspired to write a song about this event, see and hear on youtube here.

Elvis in the 1954 Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special in Memphis pictured here.

4 Pics from the Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Festival parade, Meridian, MS 26th May 1955:
Pic 1. Meridian High School Majorettes with Elvis' 1954 pink Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special.
Pic 2. Elvis' 1954 pink Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special before the parade. Elvis' name is painted on the side and Jimmie Rodgers Snow's is draped on the fender.
Pic 3. Bill Black, Jimmie Rodgers Snow and Elvis ride in the parade.
Pic 4. Jimmie Rodgers Snow and Elvis ride on the hood.

1954 Convertible

Elvis purchased a yellow 1954 Cadillac convertible around August or September 1955. A Continental kit was added sometime before March 1956. Click here to see a (b&w) pic of Linda Wheeler and Kay Wheeler (the first Elvis Presley Fan Club President in the world) on the back of the 1954 convertible, taken in Fort Worth Texas in 1956.

1955 Fleetwood 60 Special

Elvis's love affair with this 1955 Cadillac was well documented and his reputation for collecting cars was well deserved. Though he owned and gave away many different kinds of cars to friends and total strangers, this 1955 pink and white Cadillac Fleetwood (originally blue in colour with a black roof) is said to have been his favourite and the one car he never sold or gave away. Elvis bought it for his mother (although she never drove) on 7th July 1955. According to Art, who lived next door to Elvis in Lamar St in 1955, he made the pink paint for Elvis and is the only one who knows the formula, he named it "Elvis Rose." On September 2, 1955, $1,000 damage was caused to the car in an accident just south of Texarkana. In February 1956, Elvis had the upholstery replaced as well as getting some paint work done. Most likely, this would have been when the black roof was painted white. The car has become one of the ultimate icons of Elvis and the 1950's, and it is arguably the most famous car in the world.
Two (b&w) pictures from 1955 of Elvis with this car when it had a black roof: Click here for a picture of Elvis polishing this car, and click here for a picture of Elvis at the wheel of this car.
Soon there were three more Cadillacs in Elvis's drive, including a yellow 1954 convertible. "Four Cadillacs?" a radio reporter asked him. "I do have four Cadillacs," Elvis replied. "But I haven't got use for four. Maybe some day I'll go broke and I can sell a couple of 'em." See picture here. This picture was taken (probably) in May of 1956 at the house on Audubon Drive. They had obviously either just returned from a tour or were leaving on tour that day, since the instruments were stowed on the roof rack. Also notice that the Fleetwood's roof is painted white, which was done in March or early April of 1956.
The car was displayed at the 1977 Tri-State Auto Exhibition in Denver. In April 1981 it took part in the premiere of "This is Elvis" at the Memphian Theatre.

Since June 1982 the car has been on display at the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum at Graceland. It also appeared on stage at the "Elvis Aaron Presley: A Tribute" show in Memphis, 1994.

Click here to see a 2nd picture of this car. Click here to see a 3rd picture of this car. Click here to see a 4th picture of this car. Click here to see a 5th picture of this car.
Click here to see a picture of the car from the rear.
Click here to see Elvis with this car.
Click here to see a (b&w) pic of the 1955 Fleetwood and the 1954 convertible in Elvis' driveway (1956).
Click here to see a die-cast model of this car.

1955 Series 75 Fleetwood Limousine

Elvis bought the 1955 Fleetwood Limousine in the background of this picture just before going on a tour in it in March 1956. This picture was taken (probably) in May of 1956 at the house on Audubon Drive. They had obviously either just returned from a tour or were leaving on tour that day, since the instruments were stowed on the roof rack. Originally light blue, he had it painted black in mid to late summer of 1956. See a picture of Elvis standing at the rear door of the 1955 Cadillac touring limo here, probably around the same time as the thumbnail picture (note the canvass slap-bass protective cover is laying on the rack, empty. The band was probably taking a break out by the car to get some air in the middle of a gig.)

On an interesting side note, when Elvis purchased this car, used, in Jan 1956, he had to have the loan for $5,000 co-signed by his father, Vernon Presley. He may have died quite wealthy and famous, but he had to start out with a co-signer, just like the rest of us!!!

In the spring of 1957, Elvis moved to Graceland, and this vehicle was used to stock the grounds. One time it was used to haul fowl - chickens, ducks, guineas, peacocks and a turkey back to Graceland. The car had so much shit in it that even after he sent it to the Cadillac dealer to be cleaned and fumigated, it was never the same. Elvis told his Daddy it was time to buy a new car. That's when he bought a 1957 black Cadillac Limousine.

Later, this Cadillac was on display at the Elvis Presley Museum during the 1990s. Kruse International had it listed as lot No. 3329 for sale at Auburn Fall '99 auction, September 1-7. This vehicle however was not actually at the auction. It was then permanently exhibited at an Elvis Museum in Las Vegas called Elvis-A-Rama that was there from 1999 to 2006.

RM Auctions sold this vehicle at Monterey on August 18 2007. Expecting to fetch $100,000 - $150,000 it realised $275,000! RM Auctions stated:

"Elvis Presley himself purchased chassis no. 557547481. The Cadillac was originally painted in a light blue, but Elvis quickly had it repainted a more appropriate black. Elvis used it to tour throughout the south with his original band members, Scotty Moore, Bill Black and D.J. Fontana. Reportedly, Elvis and his band would strap their instruments to the roof of the car and drive through the night to make it to the next town where they were going to perform.

There is absolutely no question as to the documentation of the sale of the Cadillac Fleetwood to the illustrious Elvis Presley. There are several photos of Elvis with the vehicle, one outside his home in the summer of 1956, as well as another outside the CBS Studios in Los Angeles moments before his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Also included are the original conditional sales contract and the original 1955 Cadillac Owner’s Manual stating, “Elvis Presley 1034 Audobon Ave. Memphis, Tenn.;” which, it should be noted, is handwritten on the inside back cover".

Some pictures: here and here.

Update: Bonham's auction in California 12th November 2011: "Currently owned by a prominent Texas collector, this piece of Memphis-by-way-of-Detroit history comes with the original conditional sales contract from Southern Motors of Memphis that was co-signed by Elvis' father, Vernon Presley. Also included is the original owner's manual with Elvis' signature on the back cover, plus one spare tire, lug wrench, and jack. The only thing that seems to be missing is a set of blue suede shoes."

Pre-sale estimates had the Fleetwood selling somewhere between $100,000 and $150,000, however the new owner paid US$172,000 for the car, including the Buyer's Premium."

1956 Cadillac Eldorado

Elvis and June Juanico flew to Houston to purchase this car on June 12, 1956 at a cost of $10,000. Originally white with a black interior, Elvis squashed a handful of grapes on the fender and told the customiser, Jimmy Sanders of Memphis (who also customised the pink '55 Fleetwood), that was the colour he wanted. The upholstery was changed to white roll and pleated leather, and the floor covered in mouton fur dyed purple. Elvis's initials "EP" entwined with a guitar and two musical notes inscribed in leather adorned the floormats and overhead.

It is believed Elvis always had problems with this car, which is probably why he traded it in on December 23rd 1957. The car was then purchased by a fan of Elvis's, Mrs Lena Moskovitz of Memphis for $4893 (see invoice). This lady later remarried a man named "Digger" O'Dell Smith and moved with him to Phenix City, Alabama. She had a food store on 431 South and the Caddy sat there under a carport for many years. During this time many people (presumably aware of it's original owner) tried to buy the car, but she would not sell it. She passed away in 1974 and "Digger" moved to College Park, Georgia. The car was abandoned in an open field where it weathered badly.

On July 31st 1976 the car was sold at auction to used car dealer James N. Cantrell of Columbus, Georgia for (believe it or not) $975!! This made news across the USA and the next day the new owner was offered $10,000 for it, but turned it down. Instead he started a slow, ground up $28,000 restoration, hoping to show it to Elvis when it was finished. Unfortunately Elvis passed away before he had a chance.

The car's first showing was in Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis's birthplace. It then went on a tour with the World of Wheels Car Show and was featured on HBO and many other national TV shows. After touring for a couple of years, it was leased to the Guinness Book of Records Museum in Niagara Falls, Canada for about ten years. Many large offers have been made to purchase this car, however about ten years ago it was decided the car should remain at Graceland indefinitely, where it is now proudly displayed in the auto museum.

This car also appeared on stage at the "Elvis Aaron Presley: A Tribute" show in Memphis, 1994. The History cable TV channel has recently done a "lost treasures" story on this car, which will be shown soon. At Xmas time 1999 the car was seen nationally on US television in an Eveready batteries commercial.

Here is a picture of the car when white, with Elvis' girlfriend at the time June Juanico. Another picture of it when white, at Graceland here and also here. Another picture of the 1956 Eldorado convertible when it was still white in colour taken outside of Jim's Barber Shop on South Main Street in Memphis, click here. Click here to see Elvis at the wheel of this car when it was purple.

Jeremy Larkins has pointed out the front license plate frame mounting on the same spot on the bumper, even AFTER the car was painted purple. 1956 Cadillacs did not usually have the front license mounted in that spot. Most Cadillacs with front mounts had them centred, as on the 1955 limo and the 1957 coupe. This is probably an add-on vanity mounting that was placed below the passenger side headlight for some reason, instead of mounted in the centre by the dealer. Remember, Elvis and June flew to Houston, Texas to pick this car up and drive home, and Texas didn't require a front mounted license plate, so the dealer would not have mounted a factory centred bumper mounting bracket onto this car. Elvis would have had to buy an after-market mounting bracket for his Tennessee front plate once he got home and picked up his tags. These facts all lead us to believe this frontal pics of the 1956 Caddy at Gracelands above is the front angle of the Eldorado, probably taken the same day as the side on shot.

Jeremy has also done some additional research and can't confirm that Elvis had any other 1956 Cadillac, other than the Eldorado. He apparently skipped the 1956 model year and jumped from the '54s and '55s to the 1957 Coupe de Ville (probably because his 1956 touring schedule was so heavy that he didn't get much chance to enjoy his money.) Also the fact that the Eldorado was so much more expensive that any other model in the line-up that year, (except for the limousine) probably contributed to him not buying another 1956. The fact that he bought the blue 1955 limo used in January 1956 (and paid to have it painted black within 6-8 months of purchasing it) would put him buying (and spending a chunk of money on) two very expensive Cadillacs in 1956.

Lots more info on this Caddy on this site.

1957 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

1957 Coupe de Ville believed to have been purchased by Elvis late in 1956 while living at his Audubon Drive home.

1957 Cadillac Seville

This 1957 Eldorado Seville with the chopped top was NOT one of Elvis's Cadillacs, but has been included here for informational purposes, as it is probably America's most photographed car and people get their pictures taken in front of it all day long. A couple named King had the King's Heartbreak Hotel restaurant in Memphis (down the road from Sun Studios), and had used it as a salad bar for their restaurant, which was done in an Elvis and rock and roll theme. When the couple divorced, Graceland bought a lot of their fixtures to use in a restaurant in the visitor plaza. The car museum was designed in 1989, and it was decided that the car would make a great attraction. It was renovated, weatherproofed and put out front. Currently it is bright green in colour.

1957 Cadillac Limousine

During 1957 Elvis owned a 1957 Cadillac Limousine. I have heard from someone who in 1974 got to sit in the actual car. His old high school friend had acquired it from his Aunt who used to work for Elvis, and recalls that it had goat skin carpeting and a telephone in the back seat.

In April 2006 I was contacted by someone who works at a small auto shop in Reedsport, Oregon USA who states that he has Elvis 1957 Cadillac Limo in his shop right now. He says it is pink with a black top and the goat skin carpet. The owner, a gentlemen in that town owned it and recently passed away and the car now belongs to a charity. The current owner still has the original pink slip with Elvis's name on it. Another picture here.

1958 Cadillac Limousine

Elvis owned a black 1958 Cadillac Limousine (similar to the black one pictured) around 1958/1959. I have had emails from a couple of different people who think they may know of a 1958 Cadillac believed to be once owned by Elvis according to "local legend." All a bit vague and mysterious. Anyone with any further information and/or a photo please contact me

1959 Cadillac

I have been asked many times if Elvis ever had a big-finned 1959 Cadillac, the model that is so collectible today. As far as I can tell, no he did not, probably because in 1959 he was stationed with the US Army in Germany. However at the Car Life Museum in Prince Edward Island, Canada there is a 1959 Cadillac reputedly formerly owned by Elvis. As a side note, in August 2001, actor Nicholas Cage bought a 1959 Caddy at auction in Carmel California as a gift for Lisa Marie Presley!

1960 Coupe de Ville

This 1960 Coupe de Ville registered DFO 301 was offered, complete with items of Presley memorabilia, in H&H Auction’s sale at Buxton, Derbyshire, England on September 12/13 2006. It was formerly owned by the Yorkshire Car Collection which was first started by enthusiast Peter Black in Keighley. Description of the vehicle was:

Finished in white with a salmon pink roof and pink / white upholstery, this particular left-hand drive example is described by the vendor as being in "good" condition with regard to its engine, automatic gearbox, interior trim, chassis, bodywork, paintwork and wheels / tyres. Though, he states that its electrical equipment "needs some work". Formerly the property of rock 'n' roll icon Elvis Presley (or so an accompanying State of California Title Document would imply), 'DFO 302' has been in the current ownership since 2002. Tracked down via an article in 'The Sun' newspaper, it is believed to retain its original interior and to have covered just 76,099 miles from new. Said to drive well aside from the wiring maladies, it is offered for sale with sundry paperwork and some Elvis memorabilia. A stunning two-door pillarless coupe from Cadillac's (and Elvis's) golden era, this 1960 Coupe de Ville is not to be missed.

Sale price was 21,000 pounds (AU$52,681, US$39,235). I have doubts that this vehicle is a genuine EP owned vehicle. Firstly as it appears to be badged as the base series 62 model, not the more upmarket Coupe de Ville, also the documentation sounds rather vague.

1960 Series 75 Fleetwood Limousine

This vehicle is the ultimate in luxury and opulence. Costing $100,000, it was customised by George Barris with gold plated interior gadgets such as a phone, shoe buffer, refrigerator, entertainment console with a ten record automatic changer RCA record player, swivel TV and tape deck. Forty coats of exterior paint made with pearl, diamond dust and oriental fish scales were used on the outside. Hubcaps, wheel covers, headlight rims and the front grille are gold plated in 24kt gold. Gold lame drapes were used to cover the back windows and to separate the front and back seats. Truly a vehicle fit for a King!

Elvis used it occasionally in the early 60's but towards the end of 1966, Colonel Parker talked RCA into buying it for $24,000 as a promotional tool. The car tour (which included Australia in 1968) was a great success. Bob Hayden has been researching the Australian tour, click here for lots more details and

pictures. In Houston, 40,000 came to take a look and take home a free `Elvis Presley's Gold Car' postcard. In Atlanta, the car was the guest of honor at a dinner for 250 dignitaries. In the late 70's the car was donated to the Country Music Association Hall of Fame in Nashville. When you press a button, the roof lifts off so you can see inside it.

More pictures: The car with the top lifted off (very good picture). Front-on view of the car (very good picture). The car on tour (b & w). The entertainment console, the rear seat, the cars' fins, side on view, rear view, 3/4 front view, 3/4 rear view.

1962 Convertible

Elvis's 1962 convertible was advertised for sale in Hemmings Motor News (around 91 or 92). The vehicle is believed to be in great shape and owned by Jack Marshall of Jack Marshall Foods. It is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In his earlier days Jack played piano and became good friends with Elvis. When Gladys Presley died, Jack was asked to play at her funeral. Anyone with any further information and/or a photo please contact me .

1963 Coupe de Ville

In March 2006 a reader (Mark S.) wrote to me: "was checking out your website…pretty damn cool. In 2001, I came across a black (originally maroon) 1963 Cadillac Coupe de Ville in Orange County, Ca. It was owned by a little old lady (classic, typical story) who had babied it and garaged it for 20+ years. She was selling it for personal reasons. After talking with her for about an hour, she tells me the cars original owner was Elvis Presley. She even broke out photos of Elvis handing her the keys and original documents of ownership!! I couldn’t believe it. Needless to say, I didn’t haggle about the price with her. This long black, historic beauty now sits in my garage (with TWO car covers on it, of course!!). P.S. I forgot to mention, she said Elvis had purchased the car in Los Angeles, and he met her, and gave her the car in Palm Springs, summer of 64’.

1964 Series 75 Fleetwood Limousine

This 1964 limousine is on the cover of Jim Reid's book "Fond Memories of Elvis" see cover here and here The VIN is 64S016270. Originally black as in the pictures (and verified by the body plate numbers) it has been resprayed to it's current silver colour. It is believed to have been Elvis's Las Vegas car, and there is some evidence that it belonged to Elvis, but there is no documentation to prove this without a doubt. The story goes that a funeral home purchased it via a broker from Graceland. This has been recently confirmed by the elderly widow of the funeral director. The limo was then sold through Action Auction (now Dorfman Auction Company) to Stan Miller of Stan's Limousine Service in California. The current owner, Jeff Smith of Calistoga California, bought it from his friend Marv, and has an original letter from Dorfman Auction Company that reads "October 1, 1983. To whom it may concern: Stan Miller purchased a Cadillac limousine from Action Auction (now Dorfman Auction Company). This car, according to the previous owner had belonged to Elvis Presley. To the best of our knowledge this is true. Sincerely, Bonny Dorfman." Jeff also has business cards from all the previous owners (except Elvis) and has talked to each of them (except Mr Miller who he has been unable to contact). However Elvis's long time right hand man Joe Esposito does not recall the car.

More pictures of the car after being repainted in silver: 3/4 rear, rear, rear 1/4, side, interior.

1965 Eldorado Convertible

The Elvis Dream Cadillac was designed by both Elvis and the King of Kustomizers, George Barris in the late 60’s. Regretfully, Elvis passed away before his dream could become reality. In 1986 representatives from the Elvis Presley Cosmetic Company (E. P. Cosmetics) contacted George Barris and The Dream Cadillac was completed. It was insured for $250,000. The car was licensed by and sold to E. P. Cosmetics and as such debuted in promotional events held at The Equestrian Center in Toluca Lake California. The car began a national tour throughout 1987, sponsored by E. P. Cosmetics. They also sponsored a highly popular national sweepstakes contest and the car became its grand prize.

Fans admired its exterior with 40 coats of Gold Pearl paint and swirled gold leaf pinstriping. A look inside showed off the gold-plated steering wheel, gold-plated TV and phone, three gold Elvis 45s imbedded in the soft top cover, and guitar-shaped sunvisors for that extra touch of class!

The Elvis Dream Cadillac was then purchased by Barris Kustom Industries in North Hollywood, California to extensively tour as a feature in the World of Wheels, Autorama, and Rod & Custom Auto shows throughout the U.S.A. and Canada.

Mattel Inc. released their “Hot Wheels Legends” series collectible, a toy version of the car. Hotwheels pictures: 3/4 front, 3/4 rear, front-on view, top view.

Then, the car was sold and exported to Japan and came back to California in July 2002. In April 2003, the car was for sale on eBay. The highest bid was $50,000 but the car did not sell.

Pictures: 3/4 front from top, another 3/4 front, side-on, close up of EP Cosmetics sign, dash and steering wheel, telephone in rear, TV and sound system, soft top cover with gold records, ID plate, engine, car with custom cover, autographed photo by George Barris.

In September 2004 the car was consigned to "The Garage" in Costa Mesa California, photo here. As of February 2005 it was back with Koh Wada, and for sale for US$38,500. Update February 2006: The car has been sold to the ELVIS-A-RAMA museum in Las Vegas.

In October 2007 it was listed on ebay with a Buy It Now price of $119,000. The vendors were classic car dealers Daniel Schmitt & Co. of 3455 North Lindergh Blvd, St. Louis, MO. The vehicle failed to sell and was subsequently relisted several times at the same price. It eventually sold for $119,000 to a private museum "out west".

1967 Cadillac Eldorado

Elvis owned a 1967 Cadillac Eldorado which he later sold to actress Pat Priest who starred with him in the movie Easy Come Easy Go.

1967 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

In the late 80's - early 90's the Elvis Presley Museum in the Maple Leaf Village Complex in Niagara Falls, Canada (no longer there) featured Elvis's bright red with black padded top Coupe de Ville. It was believed to have been used by Elvis and Priscilla on their honeymoon, and could be the same car that Elvis purchased on May 11th 1967. The car is now on display at the Elvis Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

1968 Eldorado Coupe

This car was seen by Elvis Presley parked outside a Memphis car dealer's showroom on 28th December, 1967 and purchased by him for his own personal use. He reputedly used the car for some thirteen months (this being around the time of Lisa Marie's birth on 1st February, 1968) until one occasion when it wouldn't start, at which point he shot it in the right front fender. A short time afterwards, Elvis gave the Cadillac to Priscilla Presley's stepfather as a gift. It saw little use until it was offered for sale some years ago and it was purchased by Johnny Mac of Adelaide who imported it to Australia via Jimmy Velvet of Hawaii. He used it for promotional purposes until it was purchased by four West Australian business men in 1987 who had it on display in Fremantle near Perth, as part of an Elvis Presley Exhibition, together with records and other memorabilia. The photos are from that display.

In 1994 the whole exhibition was sold to the Memphis Rock Cafe in Cairns, Queensland where the car was on display in an air conditioned glass enclosure until late 1998. It still has the bullet hole!

On 8th March 1999 this car was auctioned in Melbourne, Australia by Shannons, but was passed in at $90,000 Australian. In December 1999 this car went to auction on eBay with a reserve of US$125,000 however there were no bids. The car currently resides on a black and white checked tile floor at the back of a store called Ace Sports and Collectibles at Oak Park Mall in Kansas City. I hear that it is to be auctioned in Boca Roton Florida on January 1st, 2009.

Click here to view a copy of the invoice for this car. Click here to view a copy of the certificate of title for this car.

Click here to see me sitting in this car. Click here to see me standing beside this car. Both these were taken in Fremantle in 1994.

Click here to see a promotional picture of the car.

1968 Cadillac Sedan de Ville

This picture was taken in 1969 of Elvis driving a Kashmir Ivory coloured 1968 Sedan de Ville through the gates of Graceland. Anyone know more about this one? Please contact me.

1971 Cadillac Sedan de Ville

This black Sedan de Ville was purchased new by Elvis on 7th July, 1971 for his Aunt Delta Mae Biggs who lived at Graceland. It was also used on many occasions by Elvis and his entourage. On 22nd September, 1974, the car was given by Elvis as a gift to the parents of his girlfriend, Linda Thompson. The car was kept by the Thompsons until 8th July, 1981, when it was purchased by Wolfgang, a German investor, and taken on a tour through Europe.

On August 25th, 1992 the car was sold by auction in London for 50 thousand pounds to millionaire Jack Jackson of Tampa, Florida. However, Mr Jackson died in a plane crash shortly after. The car was then sent to Palm Springs, California for auction and a business woman from Las Vegas, Nevada purchased it and kept it in her garage.

In 1997 the National Missing Childrens Locate Center Inc, Portland, Oregon heard it was for sale. Home Owners Long Distance then purchased the car and donated it to the NMCLC to raise funds. The raffle was launched on 8th January, 1997 and drawn one year later in Memphis on 8th January, 1998. The lucky new owner, Sandra H. Lango of Waterbury Ct sold it in 2003. The new owner tried unsuccessfully to sell it on eBay.

Click here for another picture of the car. Click here for a look at the back seat. Click here for a picture of Elvis with the car.

Click here to view a copy of the original certificate of title. Click here to view a copy of Margie Thompson's certificate of title.

Click here for a letter of certification by the Thompsons.

Click here for a picture from a London newspaper 1992. Click here for an article from a London newspaper 1992. Click here for another article from a London newspaper 1992.

1972 Cadillac Station Wagon

Elvis's Cadillac station wagon (VIN 6D49R2Q163176) is cream with a black vinyl top, leather interior and has a small gold plaque on the passenger side door engraved with "TCB." It was auctioned by Guernseys on October 7th-8th 1999 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas for $34,500. It has four regular doors and the fifth door on the back opens two different ways

The new owner, who wished to resell it for $50,000, had a letter from Jack Soden (President of Elvis Enterprises) saying this car has a more colourful story than most of the cars Elvis owned and gave away. Apparently Colonel Parker's widow laughed with Jack when she saw the car at the Guernsey auction as Elvis owned the car, but gave it as a gift to Colonel Parker. The car was in Las Vegas and Elvis would "borrow" the car for trips to Los Angeles. Colonel Parker got tired of tracking the car down, so he told Elvis to take the car back, and he did, back to Graceland where it was used for hauling friends and groceries. Incredibly, in June 2005 the owners at the time changed the sale price to $75,000, however in September 2005 the vehicle was listed on ebay and sold for $29,972. The proud new owner of this car is Ken Lucci of Belleair Beach, Florida, an avid Cadillac collector.

Some more info on the car from Ken: "This custom built Cadillac Estate Wagon was owned by Elvis Presley from 1972 until his death in 1977. After that it remained at Graceland until auctioned off with other Elvis memorabilia in 1995. I have the title signed by Jack Soden President of Elvis Enterprises, and a letter from them as well. The car is said to have been kept in Las Vegas at the home of Col. Tom Parker Elvis’s Manager, and then at the Las Vegas Hilton where Elvis played engagements from 1972 thru 1976. After his final engagement on December 12, 1976 the car was sent back to Graceland where it remained in use by the staff until well after the King’s death. The car actually started its life as a 1972 Cadillac Fleetwood sedan that was shipped from the factory in Detroit to the American Sunroof Company where it was converted in to an Estate Wagon. The top is dark brown vinyl not black and it has 73,000 miles on it. It has chrome spoke rims (not caps) with 24kt gold plated spokes. The car also has 24kt gold finish emblems. It is a very unique car. In 1972 ASC built two of these custom vehicles, one for Elvis and the other for singer Dean Martin. The whereabouts of Dean’s car is unknown."

Some pictures from Ken: 3/4 front, side on.

1973 Cadillac Sedan

The April, 1994 issue of Hemmings Motor News showed for sale: "Elvis Presley's 1973 Gold-Plated Cadillac: Loaded, 20,000 actual miles, absolutely pristine, completely authentic and fully documented, one of very few remaining in private hands. Includes concert belt, personal tour jacket, Sun records, plus many other rare pieces of Elvis memorabilia."

1974 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

This was one of Elvis's favourite cars, actually owned and driven by Elvis, and has done only 17,000 miles. It is triple white, with every option Elvis could get, including a moon roof and flying goddess. It was used in his funeral. Shirley bought it from Graceland in 1980.

This car was advertised on eBay in January 2000 with a reserve price of US$1.2m, and re-advertised again in February 2000 with a reserve of $750,000, later further reduced to $500,000. There were no bids.

Click here for another picture of the car. Click here for a picture of Elvis driving this car. Click here for a newspaper article about the car.

1976 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado Coupe

Costing $14,409, this was Elvis's last "Vacation Car," and was kept in Denver, Colorado. Elvis would fly into Denver and drive the car to Aspen or other resorts. It has been modified for Elvis with added grille fog lamps, gold covered wheel covers, the initials "TCB" (Taking Care of Business) on the doors, and a radio and TV in the back. After Elvis's death, the car was sold to a trio of Jackson, Tenn businessmen who insured it for $1 million and took it on a nationwide tour. In April 1988 it became part of the Imperial Palace car collection in Las Vegas.

Click here to see another picture of this car, and click here to see another (not so good) picture of this car.

In June 2001 this vehicle was auctioned by Kruse International on eBay Motors. Bidding went as high as $75,100 but did not meet the reserve price. Here is the text and photos from that online auction:

VIN # 6L47S6Q181197, Exterior Blue, Interior Blue Leather (original), Engine V8 (original), Automatic Transmission, Odometer Reading 11,460 Actual Miles, Gold Hubcaps, Radial Tires, AM/FM/8 Track, Factory Air Conditioning, Clock, Matching Numbers, Power Brakes, Power Locks, Power Seats, Power Steering, Power Windows, Seat Belts, Television, Rear Cup-holder, Sunroof, TV, Phone, CB.

This was the last vacation car owned by Elvis Presley and was used by the King on vacation in Denver and Vail! The TCB Taking Care of Business logo is on both sides of the car - Elvis' signature logo! This rare Elvis car has all documentation which goes with the car. Currently the vehicle is in a private museum.

There is an affidavit from the policemen who served as Elvis Presley's bodyguards during the vacation dated Oct. 24, 1979. This paper states that Elvis Presley bought this Eldorado on January 14, 1976, used the vehicle for vacation, then gave the vehicle to one of the policemen. Elvis personally selected the car - a copy of the check he wrote to the dealership goes with the car. Elvis extended his personal relationship with the bodyguards by flying them out to Memphis for a tour of his private quarters at Graceland.

Buy today - you can relive the Colorado vacation in the same vehicle once owned by the King of Rock-n-Roll. Pop on your shades and paint on your sideburns - get ready to outrun the paparazzi in one of the gems of the Kings crown! Elvis has been sighted…this could be you!

Car is individually owned and titled in Nevada.

Pictures: 3/4 front view, passenger front door and seat, front seats/dashboard, rear seats, trunk, wheel, engine, 3/4 rear view

In 2002 the car was on display during the Del Mar Fair in San Diego, CA and given away during a drawing for charity. Pictures of the car from that fair here and here.

1976 Cadillac Seville

One of the most documented automobiles that Elvis ever owned. This unique car includes the original signed registration in Elvis' name, and was offered for sale for $99,000 from Startifacts. This is possibly the same car that Elvis later gave to his dentist, Dr Hoffman (see next page).

1976 Cadillac Seville

Only 55,000 miles, crystal blue with special grill. VIN - 6S69R6Q492056. Alleged to be the last car purchased by Elvis before his death (documented with copy of check). Sold at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona January 20-24 1999 for $30,450 to a museum in Florida.

1976 Cadillac Fleetwood Talisman

This car, allegedly belonging to the King, is displayed at the Dutch National Car Museum in the Netherlands. Here is a rear view.

1977 Cadillac Sedan deVille

This is the second last car that Elvis owned. It is gold, with a white top, leather and fabric interior, and spoke wheels. This car went to auction in July 1998 in Ontario, Canada but did not sell. (The minimum bid was $75,000).

1977 Cadillac Seville

This two tone burgundy and silver car with white leather interior was the last car that Elvis owned. It is a 1977 model Cadillac Seville (manufactured in October 1976) and sold to Elvis in December 1976. Upon Elvis' untimely death in August 1977, this car was gifted (by Vernon Presley) to Ginger Alden, Elvis' fiance at the time..

It was sold at the Butterfield and Butterfield auction in Las Vegas (June 1994) for $101,500.

Offered on ebay Australia in November 2008, the car is currently owned by Australian entertainer Greg Page of the Wiggles. Page owns the fourth largest collection of Elvis memorabilia in the world. As well as this Cadillac, his collection includes Elvis' personal and movie clothing, marriage certificate, guitar, piano, and original TCB Band necklaces. In 2008 he decided to donate the collection, reportedly worth $1.5 million, to a new Elvis museum in Parkes, New South Wales, Australia.

Click here to see the ownership certificate.

Some pictures I took of the car at the museum in Parkes here, here and here.

Click here to see this  website featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, June 2000

Note: Nearly every week I am contacted by someone who believes they may have a Cadillac that belonged to the King. Documents proving provenance of your car are pretty convincing, especially if the VIN etc match up. If  you think you have a Cadillac that may have belonged to the King, but no proof yet, look for photos of Elvis with the car. As one of the most photographed men in the world during his lifetime, there should be photos somewhere. Contacting the GM Heritage Center to get a copy of the build sheet would the best way to start tracing your Cadillac's history, however it is NOT possible for the GM Heritage Center to determine the name of the original owner of your vehicle. Try the Department of Motor Vehicles for that information once you have found which state it went to.

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