Cadillacs that Elvis gave away

Elvis's generosity, especially in giving gifts of automobiles to friends, family, associates and complete strangers was legendary, as was his preference for Cadillac cars. Sometimes he would test drive them himself for a few days before giving them away. Probably one of the earliest occasions Elvis gave a Cadillac away was when he gave a 1954 convertible to Sam Phillips of Sun Records in late 1955.

From then on, you never knew when Elvis would go to the next Cadillac dealership to buy a new lot of Cadillacs. You never knew how long they were going to be kept, traded-in or gave away.

Elvis On a MISSION at Madison Cadillac dealership. Circa 1975

The following pages will detail information on some of the cars that were giving away by Elvis. Email me especially if you have pictures or information to add to this page. Thank you very much and Enjoy!.

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